Fast Facts
• Industry best standard 2 year warranty • Includes 3 year structural warranty • Full JCB machine range covered • First year warranty covers unlimited hours, second year covered up to 2000 hours
A Full Range of Coverage JCB understands that you, the customer, demand more from your machines than ever before; improved efficiency, improved reliability and improved performance. Often forgotten by many other manufacturers, JCB is a firm believer that there is an underlying principle even more fundamental than these: PEACE OF MIND. That’s why, in addition to the industry’s best efficiency, reliability and performance, we are now offering the industry’s best warranty on our complete range of equipment. Our 2 year STANDARD bumper-to-bumper warranty provides you, the customer, with unrivaled protection for the times when you need it most. Included in the industry’s best warranty is a standard 3 year structural warranty. That’s three years no-fear coverage. JCB is committed to standing behind its products. There is enough day-to-day stress on the jobsite without having to worry about unpredictable machine repair expenses. JCB provides the total package, the world’s best selling equipment and unrivaled aftersales support to help you get the job done!
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Frequently Asked Questions Q: “Why has JCB implemented a standard 2 year warranty?”
This move is intended to provide our customers with an unprecedented level of value, confidence and protection.
Q: “What happens if I relocate during the 2 year warranty period of my machine?”
The 2 year standard warranty can be serviced by any authorized JCB dealership.
Q: “What happens to the warranty if I sell my machine within the first two years?”
The warranty coverage is transferable during the standard 2 year warranty period.
Q: “Are there any hour limitations on the 2 year standard warranty?”
The first year of the warranty includes unlimited hours protection. The second year of the warranty covers the machine up to 2,000 hours.
Q: “Are there any components not covered under the 2 warranty?”
The first year of the warranty includes full coverage of the machine. The second year of the warranty period excludes fuel injection systems due to stringent Tier 3 fuel system requirements. Refer to your local JCB dealer for complete warranty coverage details.
Q: “Are all JCB machines covered by the new 2 year standard warranty?”
Yes. All new JCB products are covered by the 2 year standard warranty.
Q: “What is included in the Three Year Structural Warranty?”
The three year structural warranty includes the following components: Chassis, Boom, Dipper, Undercarriage, Mainframe, Masts, Loader Arms, Boom Base, Beam, Carriages and Kingposts.